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The Art of Renovation



At ARTium Design Build we believe you can become a master craftsman. You can become great at building, at crafting, you can become a master of your trade, but you can also become great at a process, honing your talent, refining your skill, sharpening you knowledge.  That is what we mean by the "Art of Renovation". If you set your own high standards, embrace continuous improvement, truly try to rise to the top of what you will master it. Artium is Latin for master or artist. It can be applied to various callings. We have chosen to master the art of renovation. From the first thought or dream, through the creativeness of our design process to the crafting of your renovation; ARTium Design Build will be your guide and your partner every step of the way.

At ARTium Design Build we are very aware that you need to find out who we are. The same goes for us; we need to get to know you. A renovation, design build project is an intense relationship over a short period of time. Regardless of how long your project might take; you will be bringing us into your home, into your family, into your life. We understand this. We are aware of how important it is for this project to be a great project. Our design build process is like no other renovation experience you might find. We take our time getting to know you; we ask questions and we listen, really listen to what you are saying. We follow tested and true systems to ensure your renovation is an exciting, rewarding and positive experience. It is important that you get to know us, and trust us, so that we can be the renovators you need us to be. And equally; it is vitally important that we get to know you, so that we can craft your project design and the subsequent renovation to suit you, your home and your family.


ARTium Design Build is an award winning, highly professional, design and renovation firm. We have been designing and building quality renovation projects in Ottawa since 1999. Please have a good look around. This is going to be one of the biggest decisions you make. Please, Meet Our Team, find out How We Work and please have a look at Our Work....we are sure you will find that our close-to-customer attitude, our dedication to quality design and renovation, and our detailed design build process will be aligned with your idea of what a great renovator should be. If what you find out about us here is what you are looking for then give us a call, sit down with us, speak with us, hear what we have to say, see who we are, see how we work.....and when you trust that we are the right design build firm for your renovation project, then we have done our job well.