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Artium Design Build Kitchen
A Kitchen For Two Cooks

Imagine two people that love to cook practicing their passion in a space not big enough to swing a dish towel. Well, that was the issue for this couple and their 1980's renovated, Glebe kitchen.


 A little creative design and a lot of structural work and pesto, I mean presto, you have a kitchen worthy of two chefs not just two cooks.

Kitchen Rendering by ARTium Design Build


The previous renovation used the existing kitchen space may have worked 75 years ago, but it wasn't working now. Fortunately; the original summer kitchen had evolved over the years, becoming part of the home. It was presently spending its days as an underutilized family room adjacent to the existing kitchen. Now, the trick was how to bring that unused space into the new kitchen design.

Kitchen Before


One major design challenge was how to overcome the long, singular room created by combining the kitchen and family room. The answer came with the change of ceiling heights between the two original rooms. The cathedral ceiling of the back portion of the kitchen creates a natural break point and interesting design detail, problem solved. While you're at it; you might as well give a nod to the rooms former structure by adding reclaimed wood timbers, helping this modern day kitchen stay firmly rooted in the past.

Artium Kitchen

The Pantry

The planning of this space was well thought out, not only did our customers want great storage, but a clean esthetic with some character. 

Artium Kitchen Pantry
Artium Kitchen Pantry Doors Open

The former kitchen was dark and dismal....not a great place for creating happy meals J So, let there be light, with the addition of strategically placed skylights and a bright and airy colour palette. Wood accents through the butcher block island and reclaimed hardwood flooring keeps the traditional look going for this stylish kitchen. Filling the space with creative, custom cabinetry and storage satisfied the final design challenge on this project....who doesn't need more space in the kitchen?

Artium  Kitchen with large butcher block countertop


Building custom niches for spices and and extra cooking utensils is right up our alley. Everything we do is custom and specialized to each of our customers needs. 

Artium - Kitchen Spice Niche

So many details in this one picture, every detail carefully thought out for the function of this kitchen and for the two chefs to enjoy the space and time they spend in it.  

Artium Kitchen Island
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