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ARTium Kitchen & Dinning
Golden Opportunity

The owners of this amazing home were looking for greater functionality in their spacious kitchen while updating both the look and feel of the main floor. The ensuite bath and powder room are reminiscent of an upscale 5 star resort, exactly as envisioned. They had a dream, we made it reality.  


This early 2000’s home has been very well maintained over the years, but with retirement and an empty nest, the homeowners had the golden opportunity they had been waiting for. A kitchen renovation of their dreams!

3D kitchen design


To achieve a better functioning layout, our design team started with a clean slate and found the optimal location for each zone, create a spa-like space. Key elements such as the window location were used as a guideline for laying out the space. 

ARTium Design Stove Wall Detail


Before the renovation this ensuite lacked the relaxing and luxurious aesthetic that our clients were craving. The shower was fully enclosed between walls making it feel restrictive and purely utilitarian. The tub's angled location immediately outside the shower was an undesirable spot for bathing and the walk-in closets entry door obstructed the vanity space. 



In keeping with that spa look, we found a beautiful classic tile that we used throughout the room, on the floors as well as the walls of the curbless shower and tub enclosure.  Keeping the materials simple really expands this space and blurs the lines between the different zones.

Kitchen Design Board ARTium Design Build


The hint of walnut from the custom streamlined vanity gave the bathroom that warmth that the client wanted and introduced another texture to the space.  The warm gold pendants over each sink were also an nontraditional choice but adds a little sparkle to the design.

Dry Bar & Hutch


By relocating the walk-in closet and creating a "wet" room in the old closet's location the whole ensuite's flow improved! What was once a tight floorplan with much to be desired, is now a spacious and comfortable layout that accommodates all of the clients wish list items, including all the contemporary finishes and fixtures fit for a spa-like retreat. 

Kitchen Detail


Another item on our customers list was a niche in the shower area for storage, but together we came up with a cutting-edge way to take something functional and turn it into a real statement. Hiding the LED lighting within the tile was a challenge, but with careful planning, and many discussions, we were able to pull it all together creating a unique focal point that you do not see in many bathrooms.

Family Room and Large Staircase


It was a pleasure working with customers who really wanted something special and unique for their renovation, and together we created a space that we are sure caused envy amongst all who saw it.  Everyone needs a little escape from the challenges of life once in a while, so imagine having your own spa right at home!  In today’s time, that seems pretty amazing.

Ensuite Bath and Walk-in Shower
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