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Kitchen by ARTium Design Build Ottawa
Eat, Drink, Nap

Breathing new life into this 30-year-old family home was of top property for this extensive main floor renovation. The homeowner’s desire to reclaim this space as the true heart of their home for years to come was the goal for this custom kitchen. With the design directive to create an expansive, functional, and comfortable space suitable for both casual everyday use and weekly family gatherings our team set out to deliver on a dream kitchen.


To create an open concept floorplan which these homeowner’s craved, the first order of business was to expand the entry points to the kitchen from the other areas of the home. Removing a decorative handrail system that divided the kitchen from the family room was an instant improvement that allowed for the space to begin taking shape.

Artium Kitchen 3D Rendering Design Ottawa


There were aspects of the original layout that did work well for the homeowner’s so ensuring we could maintain those areas, such as the sink location under the existing window as well as the fridge and stove locations, while improving the overall flow and function of the kitchen were important considerations in our design solutions.

Screenshot 2023-03-03 154756.jpg


When it came to the function of the cabinetry design, counter space for cooking and congregating was of the utmost importance, as well as the addition of pantry storage, which was lacking in the original layout. By adding in a large island that comfortably seats 5-6 people, we were able to eliminate the need for a separate breakfast nook. The space that we gained from incorporating the island and the seating area, we were able to provide full height pantry.

Screenshot 2023-03-03 155030.jpg


The renderings are such a great tool to provide a realistic 3D view of what the space can look like. In this project we were able to walk though different options to guide our homeowners in the look and feel of these new spaces. 

Artium Dining Room rendering design Ottawa


We love showing before pictures. The before was still very spacious, however didn't provide seating for family entertaining and the openness they had envisioned for the kitchen. 



The final selections and the design board helps tie it all together. It creates a feel and a visual of what will soon be built. 

Kitchen Design Board Ottawa


The millwork detail of the island legs as well as the crown mouldings and the two-toned stained wood of the cabinetry create an elevated warmth which makes it feel more like fine furniture, than utilitarian kitchen cabinetry. 



The transitional style of the kitchen allows for an overall mix of clean, contemporary lines with some more intricate details and embellishments. The marble mosaic backsplash tile is the subtle, yet impactful accent this sophisticated space needed to truly shine.


Ultimately, it was the homeowner’s desire for an inviting, expansive yet cozy kitchen that could serve equally as a comfortable gathering space for family events and provide the intimate backdrop to the homeowner’s day to day life. A perfect space for life to take place.

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