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ARTium Design Build Inc. has been designing and renovating homes since 1999. Our unique design-build process has been refined to create the home of your dreams through detailed planning and design.


We will also ensure a streamlined renovation schedule and develop a project cost that is fixed before you sign a construction contract. Renovating your home is a serious endeavor; developing a great design build renovation team is key to a successful project.

Artium Design Build home theatre interior design and renovation basement design and renovation Ottawa
  • Step 1: Let's Talk!
    Give us a call or send an email and we'll call you. We love to chat about design and renovations. We want to hear what dreams you have for your home. We'll tell you how we work. We find out if our design build process is right for you. If you think were a fit; we'll talk about our next steps. It's that easy to get started.
  • Step 2: The Design
    If we're all on the same page, this is when we sign a design agreement and you become part of your own award-winning design team. That's how we look at it, you are as important during the design phase as we are. ​ At ARTium Design Build, we don't start building until we have designed and planned your project out thoroughly. During the design phase, whether an interior design, a kitchen or bath renovation or an addition to your home; we will take your project from before pictures, to detailed plans and elevations and finally to 3D renderings. Our Design Process will help you understand what your home will look like long before we start your renovation. With you as part of our design team; we will determine everything from wall structure to tile pattern, from lighting designs to paint finishes. Our careful and methodical design process ensures the highest level of design available. You will be amazed what you and our In-House Design Team can create. ​ The ARTium design build process is an art form in itself, but we don't just stop at the aesthetic side. Our design work forms an integral part of the whole process. It is the What? of the project, however to create a great space we have to answer Who? When? and How?....not to mention How Much? We take our project planning process as seriously as we do our design work. Our design build process will not just develop the beautiful design, but also inform you, our team of craftsman and skilled trades of what is being built. We are going to find out as much as we can about your home, how your renovation project will work, how long it will take and even, exactly how much it will cost. All before we start. That's just the right way to develop a successful renovation project. Communication, planning, skill and talent all brought together is the ARTium way..."The Art of Renovation".
  • Step 3: The Build
    Now that we know everything we need to know. We have a detailed design, a plan for moving forward with you renovation and a fixed cost to build your dream. We are ready for our detailed renovation agreement. If you know and understand your renovation you can confidently move forward with this final stage. ​ Taking our time to prepare for your renovation is a key strategy for a successful renovation, so planning will continue on your project right up to your renovation start date. We prepare the schedule, order all material and fixtures and mobilize our work force of skilled tradespeople and our In-House Renovation Team. Safety, cleanliness and the highest level of quality are our standards at ARTium Design Build. ​ Just like we did during your Design Phase; we take a team approach to your renovation project. At ARTium Design Build our entire staff works hard at keeping your project running smoothly. That's what it takes to run a renovation project; team work. ​ Our goal is to create the renovation of your dreams with the most detailed and thorough design and build process available. We will be with you every step of the way. That is our promise to you.
  • Step 4: Live!
    Renovating is not an easy process, but as a team we have created your dream home. Now is the time for you and your family to enjoy the vision, creativity and hard work that goes into every ARTium design build project. Now you live.
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