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From Top to Bottom

The concept for this whole home renovation started with an aesthetic need to update this home.  


This was a home that was well overdue for an update.  While the client has done many small renovations through the years, the remaining tasks were a major undertaking, and required the expertise of engineers and contractors.  Which is when we stepped in to develop an overall plan for the entire house.

Breakfast Area View.jpg


This sketch shows a way to be more efficient with this space as a mudroom. Lots of storage and seating make it a very functional space. 

Mud Room Sketch.jpg


The main goal was to open the spaces up more on the main floor, to encourage large family gatherings and activities together. Which inspired us to take down the wall between the existing Kitchen and Dining Room, creating one large open space, big enough for a 12’ island and lots of prep area.

Floor Plan TD.png


The Kitchen was the biggest change in the house (and the most fun to design!) and the client had lots of ideas of how they would like the space to work for their large family.  Placing the oven right in the centre of the work space created a hub for all of the activity, with the main sink and refrigerator not too far away.  And the large double sink faced out to their beautiful property outside. 

A last minute addition was a coffee station niche at the end of the Kitchen.  We created an open space at counter height for the homeowners coffee maker and mugs, along with anything else they needed.  The niche also had its own dedicated lighting, which made it a popular spot to visit all day long.

Kitchen View 1.jpg


The main issue in the existing house was the tiny Kitchen with minimal storage. It was also cut off from the other areas of the house.  This busy family enjoys cooking and working together, so a larger Kitchen with more storage and counter space was a must!  Also, the bathrooms upstairs included outdated plumbing fixtures and finishes that no longer worked for the growing family.  And with a few small changes to the overall layout we found more storage opportunities throughout the home, which the clients were thrilled about.



The other area that really needed adjustments was the Primary Bedroom, closet, and ensuite.  The existing layout was very awkward, making the bedroom area enormous, and the bathroom tiny.  So with some wall changes, we created a spacious ensuite and walk-in closet.  We took a bit of space from the bedroom to do this, which worked well because the room was oversized and didn’t really function well. Now these spaces all function really well, giving the client not only optimal practicality, but style too.

Ensuite View 1.jpg


After living in this home for so many years our clients were ready for a major style change. They wanted to go more modern and clean lines than what they previously had.  So we created a more streamlined look by using wood and stone finishes that were neutral in colour with soft contrasts. By using a more cohesive colour palette the spaces all flowed together and appeared larger than before.

The homeowners also wanted bathrooms that functioned well and were very easy to maintain, so all the bathrooms have neutral tiles not only on the floor but on the walls too.   We took our time to find materials that were soft and calming, and wouldn’t look to jarring covering an entire wall. More modern plumbing fixtures were also selected for their minimal design and ease of use.

Revised Design Board.png


The “before” and “after” on this home is going to be truly remarkable and we can’t wait to show the final results!  But most importantly we hope we have a happy family who has waited years to turn their very loved home into everything they had hoped for.

Mud Room View.jpg
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