In-House Design 

Every successful renovation starts with good planning. At ARTium Design Build every one of our renovation projects starts with design. Design is the artistic side of planning, the creative side. We think the design process is so important to renovating we have our own, in-house, design team to guide you every step of the way. Often deciding what you want your home to look like after your renovation can be more intimidating than the decision to renovate itself. With ARTium, no need to worry.

Join Our Team

At ARTium Design Build you become part of your own renovation design team. We begin by listening to your ideas and your dreams of what you want your home to be. We will spend time in your home learning what it has to offer us. We will determine where the design opportunities, and challenges, lie and how best to get you what you want from your home. We ask questions and most importantly we listen. We design with you not for you.

Design Build

ARTium is a true design build firm. We offer homeowners a complete, seamless service from the first phone call to the day you begin to enjoy your newly renovated home. The beauty of our unique design-build process is our design team has full access to our renovation team. They are literally down the hall from one another. You don't have to manage multiple companies or services we are all part of your design build team. Your design team can tap into construction and technical knowledge, budget and cost information, renovation planning and scheduling experts as needed to fully develop your project.

Talent + Technology

 At ARTium Design Build we understand that you might not "see" our concepts and designs as clearly as a professional designer would. We use the latest 3D imaging technology to help you understand what we are designing. Being able to visualize your project before we even start construction is an amazingly helpful tool on the way to creating your dream. 

Finished Space

After all the designing, planning and construction, ARTium Design Build is excited to share with you this beautiful, bright and highly functional finished kitchen and family room.  

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