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Jessica Toczko


I graduated with a Bachelor of Photography degree and an Applied Photography Diploma from Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. Born and raised in Ottawa, I am currently shooting architecture and real estate in the beautiful valley. My work has been featured in Ottawa Renovates Magazine, Our Homes Magazine, Every Object Has A Story (Extraordinary Canadians Celebrate The Royal Ontario Museum) book and the Shenkman Arts Centre in Toronto.


Whether shooting architecture, real estate or adventure, I focus on details in a graphic and clean way. Lines, texture, repetition and symmetry are predominant. I purposefully capture images heavy with geometry, making unseen harmony and form become visible and eloquent.


My abstract work demonstrates to architects that specific details can be identified within their designs. These photographs confront a place of chaotic lines, shapes and shadows and extract similarity of form from random elements.  The unknown or unseen is sought in each location to illustrate interesting abstract details. My photographs not only reveal the beauty of modern architecture, but also evoke a sense of wonder and mystery.


Precision is my signature.

Jessica Toczko


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