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Turn Your Basement into an Inspirational Work Environment

Remember the old adage “If you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life”?

Well, imagine loving what you do and also loving the space that you’re doing it in.

Creativity is not driven by data but instead by inspiration.

Companies that rely on innovative ideas and staying ahead of the pack rarely operate out of traditional side-by-side, closed in cubicles and the glare of unnatural, overhead fluorescent lighting.

Here, we share 3 inspirational ideas for turning your basement into a productive oasis for whatever industry you’re in.

  1. Have Fun With Your Work Space!

Gaming company Mind Candy (creator of Moshi Monsters) has designed a “colouring in wall” for employees to let off a bit of steam.

An adult sized slide was also built into their office to get people from the top floor to the one below.

You may not be ready to go that far out of the design build box, but, we think the colouring wall is genius and can be designed and adapted for your own space.

Stepping away from your workstation to be playful is such a great way to rejuvenate and clear your mind. An area designed and built for playing basketball or ping-pong provides a great stress release and allows you to focus on work again.

2. Shine Light On Your Ideas.

Natural lighting refers to the light that comes from the sun.

If you have the standard small, rectangular basement windows, think about having more installed to maximize the amount of natural brightness from outside.

Consider opening up a closed staircase to draw more natural light from the main floor down to your dream office. Opening the staircase, like removing a wall can have a huge visual impact by creating a clean, open aesthetic.

Task lighting provides more directed light where you need it but also provides contrast for a more inspirational and natural environment to work in.

Modern desk lamps and built in under-shelf or ceiling luminaries are excellent choices for a functional workspace.

3. Come Together.

Working from home does not have to mean working alone.

Consider a communal workstation that allows your employees to collaborate and share their ideas.

Meeting rooms can also be an important part of your build design plan and an amazing environment for brainstorming and idea generation.

Manchester based, communications agency Ubiquitous has created one of our favorite meeting room designs. Wood and glass paneled walls and atmospheric lighting create a relaxed lounge environment for employees.

Who would complain about another meeting when your conference room is to-die-for.

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