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5 Ways To Bring Nature Into Your Home

Are you a tree hugger? How about an extreme outdoor adventurer?

Maybe, like many of us, you recognize that nature is perfect in it’s imperfection and you’re happy enough to integrate those elements into your home interior.

We’ve put together a few ideas to help you create a peaceful, zen retreat by bringing nature indoors.

  1. Flooring and countertops.

Choosing a wider board for wood flooring expands the look and size of a room. It also helps to create a more rustic look.

Wooden countertops give a warm look to a kitchen. Butcher-block style countertops are the best for food prep and are properly sealed for safety and sanitation. They are also highly heat resistant.

On a smaller scale, reclaimed wood can be crafted into a tabletop and positioned as a focal point in a kitchen or dining room – a creative way to re-purpose the earth’s precious resources.

Granite, Soapstone and slate are the most common natural stone surfaces for countertops.

2. Accent walls can create a beautiful focal point in a room.

A natural stone wall creates a unique atmosphere since no two stones are alike. You can also add stone to fireplaces, bar backsplashes etc.

3. Natural, ambient light.

Natural light from outdoors brings the feeling of openness to any room. Larger windows and doors open up a room by allowing the most natural light to filter through.

4.Nature’s palette

Choose colors that replicate the natural elements we see outdoors.

Designer Mark McCauley explains how to create a naturally cohesive color scheme:

“Choose darker values of color for flooring (ground), medium values for walls (trees) and light values of color for the ceiling (sky).”

5. Green up your space.

Bring the outdoors in with plants and trees. Not only do they give your space a more natural feel, but on a practical level, plants help to clean the air and provide freshness to indoor spaces.

Fig trees and even lemon trees make excellent indoor plants during the winter months and can easily be moved to the patio in the summer.

Whether you decide to bring a little or a lot of natural design elements into your home, one thing is for sure: nature never goes out of style.

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