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March Break is here! Try having no Kitchen

It’s that time of year; the kids are home for a whole week…try surviving March break with no kitchen! Ahhh!

If you can’t get away and have decided to have a “staycation” instead, here are a few tips from our years of working with clients and kitchen renovations.

  1. Stay positive – if you have hired the right company, they will keep your project running smoothly and on-time. If you are positive, the kids will stay positive.

  2. Get creative – grab a note book and some coloured pens and document the renovation with your children. Include funny stories and create your own recipe book―how many meals can we make with a toaster oven and hotplate? This recipe book may also serve them well when they head off to University.

  3. Think of this as an adventure – You used your old kitchen for 20+ years, what is three months of construction?

  4. Laugh

  5. Get the board games out and pretend you’re camping – smores on the bbq anyone?!

  6. Get out of the house - there is so much to do in Ottawa

If you have any other fun tips or ideas, we would love to hear them, please send them along!

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