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Exciting News!! We are now ARTIUM Design Build!

Introducing ARTium Design Build: The ART of Renovation

For years you have known HOME Inc. and our downstairs division, Just Basements, for our talent at taking dreams and wishes and turning them into spectacular spaces. We have completed hundreds of great renovation projects across the city for hundreds of very happy customers. Nothing has changed there. We will still be offering the same great design and renovation services for basement, kitchen, bathroom, whole house renovations and more.

Why The Change?

Just Basements and HOME Inc. have always had one goal; a great renovation experience for our customers. With that in mind we have developed our own, in-house, award winning design team producing some of the most spectacular spaces ever created in Ottawa. We have developed a detailed design build process to ensure a smooth transition from the design and planning stage to the renovation. Our commitment to in-house renovation crews and superior skilled trades has enabled us to produce a very high quality product. We review, analyze and continually improve how we do things. Our goal has always been to be the best, not the biggest, not the most renowned. Simply the best.

That is the essence of ARTium Design Build. The very definition of artium is to be a master or artist of your chosen discipline. We think that our years of commitment to great design, superior quality and great customers has allowed us to master "The ART of Renovation".

We look forward to working with you!

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