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The ART Of Renovating Your Kitchen

A kitchen renovation is a big undertaking; however the transformation can be life changing for you and family. It can breathe a renewed energy and increased functionality into the heart of your home.

When thinking about your kitchen, we always suggest making lists in order to help with planning.

List #1 - write down what features/details you currently like about your kitchen.

List #2 - write down what you would like to see changed.

List #3 - write down your kitchen wish list

Think about the style you would like in your new kitchen? Are your looking for a Modern kitchen with edgy lines and cool tones or a Modern-rustic feel. Maybe, it is more of a Transitional style that combines a blend of modern and traditional or more eclectic?

Start an idea book. Whether you pull ideas from magazines or create an online idea book such as HOUZZ. This is a great way to show our ARTium Design Team the type of details, layouts and colour ideas that you like.

Work with professionals, you want your kitchen to grow and function for you and family for years to come. There are so many details that go into a kitchen renovation. Speak with a professional designer, their expertise and knowledge is worth its weight in gold. They will cover more details and design decisions that you could even think were possible.

Many details go into designing and building a beautiful and purposeful kitchen space. Let ARTium Design Build Inc. guide you through the Art of Renovation and create for you the kitchen of your dreams.

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