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Everything We Needed to Know to be a Great Design-Build Company; We Learned in Kindergarten

September 5, 2017

Share - It's important that we all own this renovation project. So we need to share our thoughts and communicate with our customers and our team.


Get Messy - Building and creating is messy business, that's when it works the best. Just remember to clean-up after yourself at the end of the day.


Play Fair - Be honest. Build your business around integrity, professionalism and teamwork.


Be Friendly - We think teamwork is the key to a great design and a great build. We work as a team with our customers, trades and vendors to create great renovations.


Say You’re Sorry - Renovation is not an exact science. There will be some things to overcome, life is like that too. Say you’re sorry and get back at it.


Don't Worry About Colouring Outside the Lines - To create great renovation spaces you have to think outside the box (outside the lines). You need to push past the expected to come up with the unexpected.


Happy First day of School!



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Guide To A Minimalist Interior

August 16, 2016

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May 20, 2020

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