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What's In A Name, or Why ARTium?

When you've been in business as long as we have and you work hard, and you're lucky; you may have the opportunity to build something special, something beyond just providing a service or a product. If you have done a really good job of guiding your ship through the treacherous waters of entrepreneurship you will find that your company develops a persona. That persona will bring together the owner, the people, the customers. The product or service is the bridge that connects all of these stakeholders with the persona being the attraction that gets them all in the same world. And that is how we ended up with a new name....ARTium Design Build Inc.

For years we new we needed to change. Our old name did not fit who we were, it did not fit with what we did or the people that were attracted to our company. But that then begged the question, who were we? So; we embarked on a journey of self reflection and discovery. We quickly learned that renaming your company and rebranding were two very different things. Renaming your company is pretty straight forward, however, rebranding is more about who you are and what you mean to the people around you. This was a little trickier to figure out....but with the help of every single employee in the company, friends and family, past customers and one marketing guru; we came up with a new name and a new brand that truly reflected what we are all about.

Artium; at first a curious and uncommon word seemed too unique for a little Ottawa design build renovation firm. But with the explanation of the word's definition, we knew we were home. Artium is Latin for artist, artistic or master. While developing our Core Values, the common words kept swirling around. Words like creative, passion, quality and service. We have won design awards, we knew we were creative, but in this company we want more. We want to take the renovation experience to a whole new level. We want our customers to experience the "Art of Renovation". ARTium Design Build fit our passionate, creative people, it fit our customers looking for a better way to improve their homes and their lives through renovation, it fit the quality of the product and service we provide. It fit who we were and who we wanted to be. We, our people and our customers, put the art in ARTium Design Build.

That's what is in a name, our name. We are proud to provide the "Art of Renovation" by ARTium Design Build.

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