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Pets and Renovating

Renovations are very hard on your family. Your routine can be disrupted, and you may not have access to part of your home. At Artium Design Build we recognize that the renovation is not only challenging for your family but also for your pets. Over the years Artium Design Build has had to adapt to every pet situation imaginable. From the terror of a cat who loved to attack ankles to the escape artist of a dog, we have developed methods to ensure everything goes smoothly.

The most crucial factor is knowing your animal. How do they react to people, specifically strangers? Are they cuddly or defensive? Secondly. How do they react to disruption in their routine or to loud noises? Having the answers to these basic questions help create a plan to minimize the stress on your pet during the renovation.

Remember, a renovation is a construction site. There can be hazards for humans and pets alike. To the best of your ability, keep your pets out of the renovation area. This can help ensure the safety of your animal.

Create a safe space in your home. If you think that your pet may be a bit too curious or friendly during the renovation, consider blocking off a section of the home just for them. Closing of interior doors, putting up baby gates are all methods that will help everyone gets their own space.

Last course of action is taking them off site. If you know that your pet has high anxiety or may be too much of a disruption, then a kennel or babysitter may be an option.

At Artium Design Build we want to make this a great experience for your whole family, furry ones included.

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