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Design Trends for 2020

1. Warm earth tones are back!

Now before you yell “but I just painted everything grey!” let us explain…

We are seeing a return to warmer, cozier, and more natural looking tones, in everything from paint colours, to wood finishes, and even in our choice of light bulbs (warm white all the way!). Which means that greys are still in, but we are looking at much warmer tones like Sherwin Williams Repose Gray SW7015. A colour like this still gives that more modern feel but doesn’t give you a chill just looking at it.

2. Dark interior doors

This may seem like a big commitment but painting your interior doors a bold or striking colour really elevates any space.A warm black is a classic that will never go out of style.But we have also seen deep browns, greys, and navy used in these instances.And you don’t have to worry about carrying this accent colour into every room in the house.There is always the option of painting the bedroom side of a door to match the trim, and just using the accent colour on the hallway side for drama.

3. A mix of old and new

With new technology continuing its massive influence on all aspects of our lives, home design is no exception.But we are seeing a return to old world materials and treatments, while still implementing all the new bells and whistles that make our life easier.Which means stone and tiles that have a patina and worn look to them, warmer colours, and more rustic wood tones, all working together to make a space feel like it has been there forever.

4. Quality over quantity

Environmental concerns are now an issue that no one can ignore and has become a growing problem that all of us need to be conscious of.Which is why investing your money wisely and aiming for quality over quantity (or speed) is an important step towards a healthier planet.This can be applied to renovation costs, such as using more environmentally friendly materials, heating efficiency and usage.Because renovations can be a big undertaking, and disruptive to your everyday life, do it right the first time and hire a reputable company that you can trust to do the job correctly.

This is also very important to remember when purchasing decor for your home, as disposable furniture has become a major problem in our landfills.

5. Multi-functional spaces

Thanks to technology, gone are the days of needing a large, intimidating desk to work on.With computers getting smaller and smaller, and so much being done just on our phones, workspaces are changing drastically.Which means possibly creating a small workspace in your Living Room or Bedroom instead and using that old office for exercise or a yoga space.And any busy family would love to have a small desk area in the Kitchen, to organize the endless permission forms, calendars, and charging stations.

Mandy is the newest member of the Artium/Just Basements team and brings extensive residential design experience to our projects. After working in Toronto for over 10 years she is now calling Ottawa home, and loves working one on one with clients to create spaces that will stand the test of time.

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