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Do You Love The Heart Of Your Home

In some ways your home is not that different than your body, an interconnected series of systems working together to give you, or your home, life. Where your bones and muscle provide your body strength; your house’s structure of posts, beams, joists and trusses help to keep it standing. Your plumbing, heating and electrical systems keep your home alive, not that differently than your nervous, digestive and pulmonary system. Your home is even getting smarter these days just like you.

But, alas what of the heart on this day of love? What is the central part of your home that provide the spark, the emotion, brings our families all together? It is, of course, the kitchen. We are there more often than your think, coming and going, preparing for our day, or dinner, spending time with family, fueling up and even sometimes taking comfort when we need…. ice cream, spoon, need I say more.

The designs we are producing and the renovations that follow are taking tired kitchens from 80’s and 90’s, turning them into the more advanced kitchen concepts of today. Most of our designs these days include opening up the kitchen space, connecting family rooms, eating areas and dining rooms into multi-functional living spaces. The kitchen, eating, family room hub is truly the heart of the busy, active family lifestyle of today. We don’t dine in dining rooms anymore; we don’t live in the living room.

The human connection with both family and friends is paramount to the home functioning well. That engagement, that emotional link that can be captured in the core of the home starts with the kitchen.

The technology, materials and finishes that are available in today’s kitchens are both exciting and functional. Knocking down walls can allow you to see the fireplace or help with homework while preparing dinner. You can eat at the table or have a glass of wine at the counter. The kitchen has truly changed from an often, separate utility area to centre of our busy homelife.

Valentine’s day is about spending time with the people we love and although you might go out to for a special dinner tonight, most of the other days of the year will be spent with those loved ones at home. You should love the heart of your home, the place where you spend more time with your family than any other place. Show your kitchen some love, after all a healthy heart is a key to a long and happy life.

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