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From Homebase to Workspace: Ideas for creating a home office that works for you

Whether you are an entrepreneur, employee or the acting CEO of your household a dedicated space within your home can be critical for success when it comes to putting in a days work at home. Where you choose to set up and get work done can influence your motivation, inspiration and productivity.

A home office no matter the size, when well thought out and designed can help maintain a focused work environment that empowers you to stay on top of your tasks.

Even if this work space is in close proximity to family members, pets and the looming piles of laundry and other domestic tasks that fill your home, having an office designed with your particular needs in mind can transform your home to your headquarters.

When creating a functional home office here are some design guidelines to keep in mind:

  1. Get creative with choosing a location. If you don’t have a spare room or obvious dedicated space for a home office, you can create one in a secluded corner of your home, in a space that would otherwise seem unusable like under a set of stairs. Converting a closet or nook into an unexpected but useful workspace can be a great solution too. If seclusion and distractions aren’t a concern for you, consider making your office a focus of your home and choosing a spot within your living room or bedroom, perhaps, with a nice window view outside.

  2. Keep your work habits in mind. When designing your home office think about the type of environment you best work in. Do bright pops of colour inspire you and give you energy? Or do neutral tones and textures allow you to stay calm and focused? What types of work surfaces and equipment do you require throughout the day and how frequently do you use them? Will you be having clients and visitors in your space or will you be the primary occupant? Ask yourself these questions to determine the direction of the overall style and look of the space as well as the layout and furnishings that will make it the most functional and conducive to the type of work you do.

  3. Incorporate storage and visual interest. Think about incorporating useful and traditional forms of office storage such as drawers and shelving into your space with multipurpose in mind. Dressers and seating with integrated storage compartments can be very useful in an office space and potentially reused from existing spaces within your home. Wall cubbies, and floating shelves can be installed in creative configurations to not only house office supplies and décor but also act as art and bring interest into the space in a unique way.

Don’t be afraid to make your home office space your own.Add personal touches that will make you enjoy the time you spend there. It will likely be a place that you spend many hours a week in so making sure it has personality and appeals to your senses can ensure its working for you just as hard as you are!

This blog is also published on Just Basements - a division of ARTium Design Build Inc.

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