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Working from home with the kiddos? Check out some of our team’s fun ideas on keeping our children e

Unlike past years and trying only to survive March Break, we are now trying to get work done from home with the kiddos for a somewhat unknown period of time. Although it may feel like a holiday for our children, we can likely all agree, this is not what we consider to be a holiday.

Collectively, our creative team at Just Basements and ARTium Design Build has compiled a list of “kid entertaining ideas” so we can all keep our jobs running as smoothly as possible.

Where to start: Get your kids to grab a note book, coloured writing utensils and sticky notes for dividers. Make up a bunch of tabs, Learning, Inside Fun, Jobs; Make others Smile and Outside Fun.

Learning – set up a workspace for the kids with supplies at the ready, read for ½ hour every day, take an online typing course, do a crossword puzzle, make a crossword puzzle for someone else, set up a card table and put a puzzle together, make math or times table flash cards.

Fun - Get out that old joke book and have the kids say some jokes at lunch, play a different board game every day, learn a magic trick, have a virtual Lego building competition among family, paint (great tutorials on YouTube) , build forts (inside and out).

Jobs – fold laundry and put it away (sort socks and then count how many pairs), empty the dish washer, make breakfast, prepare snacks, help with lunch, make cookies or brownies for dessert.

Make Others Smile – write a letter or a draw picture and mail to grandparents and friends; set up face time with family.

Outside Fun – scavenger hunts (parents make one for kids, Kids make one for parents) get the soccer balls or baseballs out, go for a walk together at lunch, make an obstacle course.

A few tips for all of us working parents at home; get up and stretch, have a dance party; go for a walk with the kids. Be patient with your children and ask the same of them with you, there is a lot of uncertainty. Explain that you are working, what you are doing and why it is important to you, they may appreciate it a little more. However, they are kids and they will need you, find balance and enjoy the extra family time.

Also tea, lots and lots of tea.

We would love to hear your ideas, please add fun ideas to the comments so we can all see!

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