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Brave New Kitchens

It is said that the Kitchen is the heart of every home. And from a design point of view, it is the space in any house that requires the most consideration, detail, and planning. But it’s also a space to have some fun in! So let’s look at some new, exciting ways to update your Kitchen in a brave new way.

Go bold!

Bold colours are popping up in Kitchens these days, and not just in accessories or the paint on the walls. Bright and fun cabinetry has been showing up on trend lists recently, but balanced with more neutral elements like cream coloured quartz on the countertop and soft hues in the backsplash and walls.

Hide and seek

For years we saw exposed stainless steel hood fans, for a more industrial and paired down look. But now the big move is concealing the hood for a more consistent and simple look. Designer’s and home owners have gotten very creative in how they dress this element up. Cabinetry can be used to create a seamless and simple look. This is also a great opportunity to introduce an accent colour or material, such as distressed woods, metals, or decorative paint finishes.

Clean and simple wins

We have traded out the extremely traditional details of the past, like carved island legs and pilasters, for simple and clean elements. Island legs are more square, panels have been simplified, and cabinet doors are becoming sleeker with less frills. Cabinet hardware is also looking more utilitarian, focusing on function and feel.

Lights up!

Lighting has become the jewelry of the home, and this trend has extended to Kitchens as well. All types of lighting are showing up in Kitchens now, including industrial pendants, minimal and modern ceiling lights, and even crystal chandeliers. There are no rules anymore!

Traditional materials with a modern twist

There have been many advancements in the stone and tile finishes that are now available for Kitchen designs. Decorative backsplash tiles are a great way to add a little pattern or colour to your Kitchen. Even countertops are getting a makeover, and now many of your favorite quartz options are available in polished and matte finishes, adding a new updated look to a classic stone countertop.

Be Brave!

Mandy is the newest member of the Artium/Just Basements team and brings extensive residential design experience to our projects. After working in Toronto for over 10 years she is now calling Ottawa home, and loves working one on one with clients to create spaces that will stand the test of time.

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