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It is hard not to get overwhelmed with the newest trends that we are introduced to every year. But one thing is for sure, we are seeing a new attitude when it comes to our homes and how we use them. More and more people are seeing their spaces as a sanctuary from their busy and hectic lives. Which means that gone are the days of having rooms that are for display only, and not really being used by the family. We all probably grew up with the formal Living Room that was used only when company came over.

Below are a few design and style tricks that will give you a more relaxed, but put together look in your home, that is not only stylish but still functional and family friendly.

Texture vs. Colour

Introducing different materials and textures into a space, instead of bringing in a multitude of colour, is one way to create a more casual but designed look. Combining similar tones in your upholstery but in different fabrics like linen, cotton, and silk, is a great way to create a layered look that doesn’t appear too formal.

Keep It Natural

Using different materials, like wood or stone, in their more natural state, brings a laid back element to a space, bringing nature into your design. A wall of rough cut stone on a fireplace is a rustic way of updating your space. And using more natural wood finishes on a coffee or dining table will also hold up to any younger family members who are not always as careful.

Keep It Simple

Good design does not require a long list of materials and elements. The most tranquil and pulled together spaces typically use a concise list of items that are repeated and used in different ways throughout the home. This creates continuity throughout the home and keeps things simple and calm. These materials can be used in different ways depending on what they are being used for. The rustic wood mantle material in your Family Room could easily be repeated on the bench in your Mud Room.

Soft Colours

Paint colour selection is a very important step in completing a design and bringing all the elements together. Selecting tones that are softer and mixed with a more natural undertone will help relax the overall look of a space. When choosing the perfect white to go throughout your home, pick an option that has a creamy or grey undertone to it, because a stark white will be far too jarring once on the wall. At the other end of the spectrum, select a black paint that has a dark brown element to it, instead of a pure black.

Remember to have fun and create a space that makes you happy

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