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Really Getting a Handle on Things! A Partner Profile with Berenson Hardware Canada

We have been working with Berenson Hardware Canada for a few years now and the team, products and service are wonderful. The ARTium Design Build and the Just Basements team was appreciative of having a lunch n’learn a few months ago with Mark Smith, Senior Account Manager with Berenson Hardware Canada. Mark has been with the Berenson team for 18 years and servicing Ottawa since 2009.

We had been using this great hardware in many of our kitchens, ensuites, bars and bathroom and really wanted to get more of a handle of the full scope of the beautiful, functional and vast amount of hardware Berenson offers.

Q - How many years have you been in business?

Berenson has been around for over 50 years, and is a family owned and operated company.

Q - Do you have a showroom or is it best to look at products online?

Although we do any a very extensive selection of hardware online, it’s best viewed in a showroom. That’s why our customers showrooms are so important to us. Having our products on display is the best way to get a feel for both the feeling of the hardware, but also for the feeling of it in your hands as well as the look and finish of the hardware.

Q - How many different handles do you have?

We have well over 5500 available SKUs for decorative hardware (handles and knobs).

Q - What questions does your sales team get asked the most?

We get asked for new finishes or hardware, and what are the latest in design trends for decorative hardware. We are best known for our offering of decorative hardware from Berenson, Amerock, Belwith-Keeler, and Hickory Hardware. With access to such a vast offering, it’s helped make Berenson the go to place for many designers and cabinetry companies in the Greater Ottawa Area and beyond.

Q - What are the key trends you are noticing?

We have identified 4 big trends in the marketplace. Retro which is a mid-century style with a modern flair. Mixed Materials which combines typically 2 different materials covering design trends from Transitional to modern, and mixes textures and geometrics. Raw Industrial contains design elements of natural surfaces and materials metallic & dark finishes, hard edges, and more detailed geometry. Refined Geometrics typically features squares, triangles, rectangles, etc. It combines various geometrics that show off a harder and more visible edges.

Q - How many new products do you come out with a year?

We don’t typically come out with a new product every year. It takes time to identify the upcoming design trends and design needs in order to create new items. That is why when we don’t keep coming to market with new items consistently. Otherwise it would be a saturation of too many things that all look alike and our products would lose their lustre.

Q - Any advice or picking handles for your kitchen?

Make sure you are very comfortable with the overall feeling of the hardware, after all this will be in your home for some time. You want it to have a positive feeling every time you interact with it each time you open your cabinetry.

Q - Do you carry other products in addition to decorative hardware?

In addition to decorative hardware we also carry functional hardware like cabinetry hinges, slides, and other door opening mechanisms by Salice and Grass, kitchen accessories like waste and recycling centres, pullouts and more from Salice, Rev-A-Shelf, and KV (Knape & Vogt). We also carry a lot of assembly and finishing hardware like fasteners, different types of adhesives-glues, and sandpapers too.

Thank you Mark for sharing so much insightful information, as always it is an absolute pleasure to work with you and your team at Berenson Hardware Canada.

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