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The Rise of the Master Suite

We have a few renovations under our belt over the last 20 years, and its not uncommon to see trends in design as well as trends in the spaces we are asked to renovate. Basements have always been a steady ask but we have seen a significant rise in the request to give the master bathroom an overhaul. As designers we like to explore the reasons why, so that we can delve deeper into our understanding of people and their relationship with space.

Most often, the master bath is a space dedicated to the person or people who own the home and pay the bills – so it makes sense to want a space that feels special. We are humans after all, and as such we are emotional beings who receive pleasure from within, but also from our environment.

When we look deeper into the reasons our customers request a master suite renovation, one of the most common responses is that life can be busy – and at some point we just need a safe space that we can tune into and slow down. Sometimes, this means a space that is dedicated to relaxation, but sometimes it is a space that is dedicated to making life simpler. This is where the entire “master suite” comes into play, as it is associated with a place of rest, but also with a place of waking and getting our day started.

Why not start and end our day in a space that is inspiring?

If we touch on the ways we design for relaxation, we consider that there is a movement in the last decade or so to embrace self care. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘self care’ and we are tuning into what that means in our lives and how that translates into our homes. It’s the concept often referred to by airline attendants who ask you to don your own oxygen mask before helping someone else with theirs – if you have not taken care of yourself first, you may be unable to help those around you.

When designing for self care, we often look at relaxation and what the best ways are to achieve the ultimate ‘wind down’ after a hard day of work. Understandably, we look at fixtures like the bathtub, where there is a wide array of options to choose from for the ultimate in a luxurious soak. Some are solid stone or solid composite materials, known for holding the heat of the bathwater; some are made of wood, tuning into traditional Japanese bathing; some are a more budget friendly acrylic for the person who only bathes occasionally and doesn’t want to invest in the higher-end options. In addition, an in-home steam shower or sauna is a way to bring the spa directly to your home – and we are seeing more and more requests for these.

Making life simpler comes down to the function of a space. It could be increasing from one vanity sink to two, or enlisting a custom cabinet maker to detail the interior of the vanity to suit the specific needs of the homeowner (hello hidden drawers!). I have yet to hear someone say “I wish I had LESS functional storage,” so I think it’s safe to say this is up there on the list of how to improve day to day functionality, and create a sense of ease in our lives. When everything has a place, it is easier to find items and tidy them up – but it also creates a sense of visual ease, and this is a valid argument for why design is important in our lives, and why we’re drawn to certain spaces over others.

I think this is why we see a rise in requests for the design of spaces that our guests may never see. We are designing spaces for individuals to experience in a private setting. After all the hard work of the day, or of our lifetime – as we see many retirees requesting very special spaces – the master suite is in many ways a reward for all our hard work. It is where self care can take place with ease, and where we give back to ourselves, in a personal way, so we may support others.

It is with this in mind, that we see homeowners give themselves permission to choose the pieces that they truly love. From the marble tile they adore, to high-end plumbing fixtures, steam showers, custom closets and cabinetry; the pieces and details are as unique as the individuals who choose them, each supporting a means to become inspired/awed/relaxed/healed and cared for.

These beautiful photo's are all projects in design or fully designed and built by ARTium Design Build Inc. www.artiumdesignbuild.com

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