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Design Trends for 2022 by ARTium Design Build & Just Basements

Well here we are again! Another hopeful year ahead of us, and though 2022 is starting off on a familiar foot, so much progress has been made. Working and learning from home is still very much in our lives, which means the focus on home is still a big priority for home owners. So with that in mind we have put together our list of the big trends going into to the new year.

Pattern, pattern, pattern

We saw lots of pattern in 2021 but we think this next year is going to see even bolder prints and colours being used in homes. And luckily, depending on your comfort level, there are several ways to incorporate a little (or a lot!) of pattern into your design.

From painted tile floors, to accent walls and wallcoverings, there are a number of beautiful materials available to give your home a little extra boost that sets it apart from everyone else’s.

And if you want to just dip your toe in the waters for now, try a bold wallcovering on one wall of a Guest Bedroom or Powder Room. It isn’t a space that is used all the time, in case you are nervous. But we don’t think you will regret giving your space that extra something special.

Don’t forget the fifth wall!

Ceiling details have been a major trend for a few years now, and we don’t see this changing any time soon. Beams, paneling, and coffered ceilings are all the rage right now. And it continues to evolve, with new materials being mixed to create interesting and dramatic design elements.

And now with discreet LED lighting options, you can add even more impressive layers to your room by designing a lighting layout that maintains function, but accents all those amazing ceiling details.

Black is the new beige

This one can be intimidating, but we are seeing lots of cozy rooms painted in dark colours, including dark green or black (eek!). Dramatic accent walls have been on trend for a few years now, but home owners are getting brave and trying the bold colours on all four walls, and it’s pretty amazing how dark colours can really turn a space into a comforting little escape. We say give it a shot, and remember: it’s just paint. You can always paint over it.

Looking for a warm black that won’t be too harsh: Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze. You won’t regret it!

Zen Bathrooms

While there are so many amazing materials that could be used in your next bathroom renovation, we are seeing a move towards simple, calming designs in these spaces. And the way to achieve that is picking one classic material and using it everywhere. This creates a seamless look that actually makes the space appear larger, as your eye isn’t caught on different materials and colours.

Warm wood tones are a big trend in other areas of the home, but incorporating wood elements into bathrooms is also a great way to create that spa like feel.


ARTium Design Build Inc. & Just Basements have been designing and building award winning spaces in Ottawa for over 20 years.


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