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Dreaming of a new ensuite?!

Not sure where to start...let ARTium Design Build guide you through the process.

Your ensuite should be your oasis, your personal sanctuary if you will. It is where you start your day and where you end your day, and it should make you happy.

When designing and building ensuites, although smaller in nature to the rest of the home, they are a huge renovation with approximately 25 - 30 selection choices. If renovating your ensuite is on your mind, please review our Q & A. If we have missed something, please don’t hesitate to reach out and we will happily answer your questions.

Q – My ensuite has a big corner tub that we never used as it is hard to get into and takes up so much space, should we keep a tub in the ensuite?

Designer Ashlee answers ­­- If the tub in your ensuite is the only tub in the home I would recommend keeping it, for resale value, As many families like to have a tub in the house, especially for bathing kids. However, if you have a tub elsewhere such as the main bathroom, you can opt out of a tub in the ensuite and install an oversized shower in its place, or maybe even a sauna!

The large oversized bathtub could also be replaced with a slimmer lower profile design or a stand alone tub.

Q - We love our home and plan on staying in it for years to come, however, we want to plan for the future.

Designer Ashlee answers: While renovating your ensuite, we can plan for the future and aging in place in many ways. One way we can do this is to install blocking behind the walls for future grab bars. Other options are adding a zero or low-threshold shower (curbless), making it more accessible. We can also install a right-height toilet and higher vanity, wider doorways as a starting point.

Q – Thinking of renovating an ensuite can feel overwhelming, where do we start?

Designer Ashlee answers – Make a list of things about your current ensuite that you love and things that are not working for you currently. Good design starts with solving a problem. So telling us what does not work for you is just as good as telling us what you want. Another good place to start is Houzz or Pinterest, create an idea book and add pictures of spaces that you see that you like and even ones you don't like.

Q - Can we stay in our room when the ensuite is being renovated?

Production Manager Russell answers - We have had clients stay in their bedroom during an ensuite renovation. With enough space we can install a plastic zip wall to separate the workspace from the living space. If there is an alternative area in the home to stay this might be preferred if you do not like the idea of a reduced living space.

Q – How long does it take to renovate an ensuite?

Production Manager Russell answers - Length of the renovation will depend on the level of detail going into the space. An ensuite bathroom will typically take 10-12 weeks to construct if the area is being redesigned. If the locations and bathroom layout is remaining the same the renovation might take 6-8 weeks to complete.

Q - Does the age of our home make a difference?

Production Manager Russell answers - Age of the home can play a role in the construction aspect of the project. An older home might have wiring, plumbing and framing that needs to be entirely reconfigured.

When you are thinking of redoing your ensuite, bring your vision to ARTium Design Build, our talented team of designers and craftspeople will bring your dreams to life. ARTfully Designed, Exceptionally Crafted.


Written by our ARTium Design Build Team.

Designing and building beautiful spaces in Ottawa for over 20 Years.


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