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Renovation Trends in Ottawa

Now that summer is around the corner, homeowners across the great City of Ottawa are gathering ideas to enhance, expand and embrace the interior and exterior of their homes.

The kitchen renovation reigns supreme as the number one room homeowners want to renovate. A very close second is the “Whole Main Floor Renovation”, that is, the Kitchen and everything else on the ground floor (Powder room, living and dining areas, etc.) Unless you’re just replacing a sink or countertop, a kitchen/main floor renovation can take the longest to design and construct and is one of the costliest. The end result, if done right, will have your guests wondering if you moved, even though your house is in the same location!

Bathroom upgrades and updates follow next and can range from replacing fixtures and fittings to full scale

reconfiguration. There are as many people who want the jetted soaker tub in their ensuite as there are that would rather remove the tub altogether in lieu of a luxurious oversized shower.

The evolution of the home office. When the pandemic hit and we were all sent home to work, many people had to resort to a laptop and mobile phone on the dining room or kitchen table. Now that working from home has become a very real proposition, people are looking to add a dedicated space to ply their craft. Main floor lounges, dining rooms, spare bedrooms, attics and basements have all become contenders to add the workspace you need for your career. And if your Company insists that you have a dedicated office at home, you may be able to write off the expenses against your income or even have the renovation paid for. Who in Canada ever turned down the chance to save on their taxes?

Whatever your renovation choice is, make sure you do your research and plan, plan, plan…If you aren't sure where to start, please give us a call and we will walk you through the ART of renovation.


Written by Scott Wennick, Project Developer at ARTium Design Build.


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