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Stuck Between Traditional and Modern Design Styles?

Transitional Design May Be What You’re Looking For.

While exploring which design style is right for you, you may seem a little lost about whether you like a more traditional or modern space. When faced with this dilemma, an Interior Designer may suggest going with a transitional style. What does this mean exactly? As we explore the details of each of these design styles, we will discover the answer.

Transitional Style is the combination of two styles in one space, modern and traditional. Elements from both of these styles will be placed together strategically to create a cohesive design. It usually features curved furnishings with straight-lined, lacquered finishes which results in a room that is both masculine and feminine in nature.

There are four important elements to follow when designing a transitional space; a neutral colour palette, textural elements, limited use of accessories, and impactful art pieces.

Transitional spaces rely on soothing neutral hues to evoke a clean, serene atmosphere. The colour choice will allow the focus to be on the furniture choices. The textures that are included could be wood, glass, lacquer, rattan, fabric, steel, and metal.

Limiting accessories will add an artful mix of furnishings and fabrics, without being overwhelming to the viewer. Impactful art can create unity within a space and allow the design to be cohesive. A large art piece, as opposed to several small arrangements, can make an impact on the success of a transitional design.

Transitional style relies on balance between masculine element like modern chairs and nesting coffee tables, and more feminine ones like delicate mirrors above a traditional mantel.

This style creates more freedom as experimentation is the motive behind it. It is a way to be as expressive as you’d like because no transitional design will look the same, as it is custom to your preferences. It is perfect for those who are not interested in locking the aesthetics of their home down to one style or design era.


Written by Carley Mulligan

ARTium Design Build Inc. is thrilled to have Carley Mulligan as part of our Interior Design team this summer. Carley has just completed her third year of the Honours Bachelor of Interior Design program at Fanshawe College. Carley is interested in residential design and the power of renovation!

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