ART of Bathroom Renovation

At ARTium Design Build we know that your bathroom is your oasis, your personal sanctuary. It's where you start your day and where you end your day. We believe that a great bathroom renovation starts with you. When you bring your vision to ARTium Design Build, our talented team of designers and craftspeople will bring your dreams to life. 


Creativity needs to be combined with process to be able to build what we build. Working as one of our team you will be brought into our detailed design and planning process. Design and budgeting go hand-in-hand at ARTium as we know they are the key elements to a great renovation experience. Through our Design Phase we will ensure you have all the information you need to move to the next step....the Construction Phase.

The attention to detail we brought to you in the Design Phase continues through our renovation process where we build your dream bathroom. From the first thoughts of what your bathroom could be to the final brush stroke of paint; we are there. The seamless bathroom renovation experience does exist. It resides at ARTium Design Build. Talk to us today about your bathroom project.