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The ART of Full Home Renovations

At ARTium Design Build, we believe there is an ART to planning a full home renovation. From the initial concept right through the full design to the complete build. At ARTium Design Build, our talented team of designers and craftspeople will work with you every step of the way. 

There are so many small details required for a successful full home renovation and we have a tried and true process. This process allows for a creative atmosphere while incorporating real life practicality. From your first design meeting through to the construction of your project, each step is carefully customized to you and your unique needs. Our award winning process has been honed over decades and mitigates those dreadful surprises. Working as one of our team you will be brought into our detailed design and planning process. Design and budgeting go hand-in-hand at ARTium as we know they are the key elements to a great renovation experience. We walk that fine balance between truly epic design and our clients budget. We pride ourselves in being able to provide the best service and product we can for your budget.


At ARTium Design Build we know a full home renovation is not a inexpensive or easy endeavor. That is why we are beside you the entire time. As a one stop design build firm we handle everything from the design to permits and ordering material to the building of the project and warranty services. With a full home renovation you get practically a new home with out the cost, hassle, and wait time of a brand new custom home build. This allows you to stay in the neighbourhood you love while still getting the brand new home feel! Talk to us today about your full home renovation project. 

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