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Award Winning Full Home Renovation
The Blank Canvas
ARTium Front Hall

An artist will often see their future work even when all they have is that blank canvas staring back at them. Would they still be able to see that vision when there is a painting already there, or when the size and shape of the canvas changes during their process? Could an existing home with so much in the way and so many objections to the creation of the final vision be reworked into something special? That was the challenge of our wonderfully engaged homeowners and a talented, design-build team.  


Starting with the canvas of this old home, most walls were either removed or relocated. Major structure alterations, all new HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems, from the basement to the attic allowed for a stunning open concept main floor and a complete alteration of the second floor to a loft like feel.

Kitchen Plans


We just love showing before pictures. This kitchen had served its fair share of meals, however it was truly ready for something more modern, functional and some more counter space. 

Before picture of kitchen


The design aesthetic of this project centered around the homeowner’s desire for an authentic Japanese soaking tub. With the tub being the focal point of the room, it was our task to design a Zen space around this unique feature. To ensure tranquility we utilized clean lines and muted tones to create a warm, calming effect while the client soaked the hours away.

Ensuite with wooden tub

In the ensuite, the natural large scale porcelain tiles complement the size of the space and are in keeping with the overall serene feel. After the high-pressure grind of the modern corporate world, this client wanted to be transported to Japan as soon as they walked in the room.

Modern family room by Artium Design Build Inc.
Ensuite by ARTium Design Build with wooden tub

The second floor, main bathroom was designed to be bright and modern with a hint of colour. The back wall of tile adds character while still keeping with the age and style of the home. 

Main Floor Bathroom by ARTium Design Build Inc.


This was a century whole home renovation, we redesigned most of the home from the front entrance, the kitchen, family room, ensuite, main bath and powder room.  


A space as central and widely used in a home as the powder room, deserves the attention and care as much as any other space! Often powder rooms are overlooked as they are typically the smallest room in the house and not seen as a priority. These homeowner’s however, saw the value in giving this space the full designer treatment and didn’t hold back on infusing character and charm! 


With the new canvas established; the a selection of eclectic finishes, ranging from charred wood panelling to leopard print wallpaper allowed for this artistic vision to capture the true personality of our homeowners. Other key features are the sleek, modern kitchen and a fabulous spa-inspired ensuite bath. This home may just belong in a gallery.

We don’t often think of the interior of our homes as architecture, and rarely do we think of them as art. But when we do the outcome can be magnificent.

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